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SURF MASTER Active Bolo 5.00m 10-30g

Fishing rod LB SURF MASTER «ACTIVE Bolognese TX-20» (telesc., 5,00 m, carbone, 245 g, test: 10-30 g)

32,00 €
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SURF MASTER Eternity 1314 3X 3.9m 25-70g with Tube

Fishing rod SURF MASTER «ETERNITY» 1314 3X (plug rod, 3,90 m, carbone, 300 g, test: 25-70 g) in tube

65,00 €
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SURF MASTER Titan Winner Pole 5.00m 5-30g

Rod SURF MASTER «Titan WINNER Pole IM-10» 7014 (telesc., 5,00 m, carbone, 280 g, test: 5-30 g) w/o g

38,00 €
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