Terms and conditions of use of 

Vobler OÜ (hereinafter the Vendor), register code 12965814, registered address J. Koorti Street 10-16, Tallinn, Harjumaa 13612, Estonia, and the customer who places an order in the Online Shop and identifies himself or herself by entering his or her personal data in his or her order account (hereinafter the Consumer), have concluded this Contract of Use of Online Shop (hereinafter the Contract of Use).


  1.     The Online Shop:

1.1. (hereinafter the Online Shop) is an internet shop created by the Vendor that provides a platform for sale of goods to the Consumer.

1.2. Place of business of the Online Shop is (hereinafter the Venue).


  1.     General provisions: 

2.1. The Parties shall be guided at regulation of their mutual relationships by the Law of Obligations Act, other laws and legal acts of the Republic of Estonia, and provisions agreed upon in the Contract of Use.

2.2. The Vendor is entitled to make changes in the Online Shop service provided at any time. The Vendor is entitled to change the terms and conditions of the User Contract unilaterally, without being obliged to give notice of the same in writing by e-mail to the user of the service.

2.3. The Vendor shall not make use of the personal data submitted by the Consumer.

2.4. When products are bought from the Vendor, it is assumed that the Consumer has read the terms and conditions of sale, and understood them and agreed with them.


  1.     Products and Prices:

3.1. Sale price is the amount of money to be paid to the Vendor for a unit of goods or amount of goods.

3.2. All the prices are presented in euros. The prices include the VAT applied in the Republic of Estonia.

3.3. The Vendor has the right to change the prices at any time.

3.4. Unit price is the final price for one unit of goods. The sale price and unit price of goods must be presented in writing in a clear and legible manner, and these prices must be unambiguously understandable and easily noticeable to the Consumer.

3.5. When the user has placed an order in the Online Shop and paid for it, then the service provider undertakes to deliver the goods to the user at the price that was valid at the time of placing the order. The user of the service is not entitled to claim for compensation of any price difference.

3.6. The products displayed in the Online Shop are normally available in the storehouse of the Supplier or storehouses of the partners.

3.7. Availability of the products displayed in the Online Shop may change because of technical problems of the software of the storehouse or the Online Shop.

3.8. If a product is unavailable in the storehouse, it will be impossible to complete the order. In such case, an employee of the Online Shop will contact the Vendor, and propose a new possible time of delivery, substitution of the product with another similar product of the same price and quality or return money to the service Vendor not later than within 30 days.

3.9. The pictures of products that are displayed are of illustrative meaning and may differ from real products. The Vendor shall give his best to display as good and correct product descriptions as possible, although, despite of this, the product descriptions in the Online Shop may still be incomprehensive and may include unintentional errors.


  1.     Making a purchase:

4.1. The products offered in the Online Shop are sold to both natural persons and legal persons.

4.2. The user of the service selects the products desired, and then undertakes to enter the information that is needed to complete the order (surname, first name, contact telephone, contact e-mail, address of delivery, zip code, and other data), and pays for the products via an internet bank link or a bank transfer as per invoice.

4.3. At placing of order, the Consumer undertakes to submit true information that is necessary for completion of order. The service provider is not liable for failure to complete the order as a result of incorrect information entered by the user of service at placing of order, or any consequences that may arise of the same.

4.4. Sale will take place when the user of service has paid for the order via bank transfer by using the bank link of Swedbank that is available in the Online Shop or made a bank transfer as per invoice issued.


  1.     Time and terms and conditions of delivery:

5.1. The Consumer can choose between two different methods of delivery of goods: via SmartPost or free delivery within the borders of Tallinn.

5.2. The goods will be delivered to the Consumer within 2 to 5 business days in the territory of the Republic of Estonia, and within 5 to 14 business days outside of Estonia.


  1.     Withdrawal from the contract before the provider of service has completed the order under the contract:

6.1. If the the Consumer wishes to withdraw from the contract after placing the order but before the provider of service has completed the order under the contract, the Consumer undertakes to give written notice of the same to the Vendor as soon as possible. Written notice should be sent to the e-mail address The E-mail message should include the number of order to be cancelled and contact data of the Consumer (first name, surname, data of placing the order, contact telephone number).


  1.     Right of return:

7.1. The right to return the goods bought from the Online Shop is valid for 14 days.

7.2. The product that is returned must be without defects, contain full set of sub-items, and must be unopened in original packaging and unused.

7.3. Right of return does not apply to used products or products with opened packaging.

7.4. To return a product, relevant request should be sent to e-mail

7.5. The purchase invoice of the goods must be presented at return. Money will be transferred to the same bank account from where it was paid to the Vendor.

7.6. Transport costs of return will be covered by the Consumer.

7.7. If it is revealed after return of a product that the product does not comply with the provisions of items 6.1 to 6.5 of the Contract of Use of Online Shop, no money will be returned to the user of service and the product returned will be deposited with the provider of service. Costs of depositing or returning the product to the user of service will be covered by the user of service.


  1.     Procedure of presenting claims:

8.1. A 2-year term of presenting claims applies to any products purchased from the Online Shop, as provided for in subsection 2 of section 218 of the Law of Obligations Act.


  1.     Personal data and use of personal data:

9.1. The Consumer gives his or her clear and conscious consent to the Vendor for processing his or her personal data.

9.2. The personal data entered by the Consumer at placing the order, that have become known to the Vendor, will be entered in the customers’ register, and they will be used for rendering of sale service and offering of goods to the Consumer.

9.3. Secure SSL data communication and MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa secure systems are used when bankcard data is asked from the Consumer.

9.4. The Vendor does not see any bankcard data that is entered. The owner of the bankcard is directed to the secure environment of Cards Centre (Pankade Kaardikeskuse AS, to make the transaction. At the moment of payment, the entering of the bankcard owner’s bankcard data by the owner of the bankcard in the database that is located in the server of the Cards Centre, and the data will be stored also in the server that is located in the Cards Centre.

9.5. The source of personal data is the emergence of a customer relationship at registration of an order in the Online Shop.

9.6. Personal data to be registered include any data on the Consumer’s order (surname, first name, street, house and apartment number, town or city, zip code, telephone number, address, year of birth, method of delivery, method of payment used, consent to the Contract of Use of the Online Shop, consent to sending of sale offers to the e-mail address, remarks entered as free text).

9.7. Personal data are processed by Vobler OÜ.

9.8. Personal data that are necessary for delivery of goods to the Consumer are disclosed to companies providing courier services.

9.9. Protection of personal data is ensured by security measures.

9.10. The Vendor undertakes not to disclose registered personal data to third parties.

9.11. The Vendor reserves the right to disclose data of a user if the data are processed for performing an obligation provided for by law by a person having lawful right to do so, or if this is done with the aim to protect the Consumer’s life, health or freedom.

9.12. The Consumer has the right to check his or her personal data that have been entered in the register, as well as to change them or delete them from the register.

9.13. The Consumer grants the Vendor his or her consent for sending a confirmation of order to the e-mail address that was entered at placing of order.

9.14. If the Consumer has marked the relevant box of consent on the page of placing of an order with an asterisk, the Consumer grants the Vendor his or her consent for sending sale offers to the e-mail address that was entered at placing of order.

9.15. The Vendor is the responsible processer of personal data. The Vendor will forward any personal data that are necessary for implementation of payments to the authorised processer, Maksekeskus AS (Payment Centre Ltd.).

 10.    Liability:

10.1. Responsibility for the sale price of a product lies with the Vendor. The Vendor takes no liability for any damage caused by products with deficiencies, like damage caused to assets or information, or loss of turnover or of profits.

10.2. The Consumer undertakes to use the Online Shop service only for purposes that comply with law and good practices.

10.3. Responsibility for obtaining and maintenance of any software and data communication systems required for any devices, as well as any other costs incurred by the use of the Online Shop service, lies with the user.

10.4. The user is fully liable for any damages caused to the service provider, other users of service or third parties as a result of use of the Online Shop in a manner that constitutes breach of the Contract of Use, law, or good practices.


 11. Customer service:

11.1. The telephone number of customer service is +372 5333 0456 and e-mail address is

11.2. The customer service answers the phone on business days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT +2). Replies to e-mails are sent within one business day.

11.3. Our working languages are Estonian, Russian and English.

12. Disputes:

12.1. In accordance with legal acts applicable in the Republic of Estonia, if agreement cannot be achieved between the parties, any differences that may arise from the Contract of Use or terms and conditions of use will be settled by the Harju County Court.

13. Terms and conditions of use:

13.1. Reading the terms and conditions provided for in the Contract of Use is mandatory for any user of service.

13.2. By marking the relevant box ‘I agree with the terms and conditions of use of the online shop’ with an asterisk at the time of placing an order the user of service confirms that he or she has read through the terms and conditions provided for in the Contract of Use, and understands them and agrees with them.


Warranty conditions of

Submission of claims:

If you have purchased or ordered a product and discovered later an error revealed, despite of correct use and maintenance, please turn back to the Online Shop without delay on the e-mail address

To make any later problems easier to solve, please make sure to preserve all the purchase documents (sales invoice, delivery note, contract, etc.) that prove that the product had been purchased from this particular shop or servicing company. When there is no document to prove the act of sale, the shop assistant may leave the problem unsolved.

When a problem is revealed, a complaint should be sent to the e-mail address Please indicate in the complaint your name and contact data, date of submission of complaint and the deficiency found with the product, and attach the sales invoice, the warranty documents and the delivery note.

The shop assistant is obliged to accept the complaint, and review the complaint within 15 days as of receiving it.


There is no sense in submitting a claim if:

-       the product has been in daily constant in use and is therefore simply worn out;

-       the product has been used in wrong conditions of use, or the requirements provided for in the user manual have not been adhered to.